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Supporter Pledge

Our pledge

We want to thank you for your ongoing support, because we truly appreciate and value this, whether it’s through volunteering with us, becoming a Friend of H4L, supporting us through fundraising or making a donation at events and fundraisers, we want to let you know that every inch of your support is greatly valued. Because of this we wish to make you a promise that we will work with integrity, transparency and openness in recognition of your trust and belief in our vision for change.


How we’ll keep in touch

As a Friend of Uberheroes and Hope4LifeNI we will want to share with you on a quarterly basis about our work, however you decide how you wish for us to communicate with you.

You will also be invited to our annual celebration as our Friend, however this too will be for you to decide if you wish to receive an invitation.

If you’d rather not be contacted, or you’d rather we only contacted you in a specific way, we will respect your wishes.

You can amend or change the level of information you receive from us at any time.


Donations and fundraising

Fundraising is really important to us however we pledge that we will never send you unsolicited letters requesting your financial support as this is not and never will be a fundraising practice of our organisation.

We will always be willing to share with you how and where your donations have been used in a responsible and ethical way to specifically help people with mental health issues to get the support they need; ensuring that administration costs are kept to a minimum without effecting positive outcomes and impacting directly to those most at need. And to this end we are happy to answer any questions about where your donation has been used.

Contact Information

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