Competitions & Ideas - Uberheroes

Competitions & Ideas

Give us your ideas for what happens next!

  • What do you think the Villains are getting up to in this next section of the comic:
  • what does the world face because of the havoc that Coroman and CoronaBot 2020 and others have been unleashing on it?
  • What effect is this having on Sophie, her parents and her siblings too?
  • What are the issues facing her Dad in work, or maybe it’s another family member who works elsewhere?
  • What are the Uberheroes doing to stop this?
  • What about our new heroes Curador and Sanso RoboDog?
  • Are there any Villains missing from this story (check out our villains on the Uberheroes website) or are they happy with who has been included so far?
  • What else do you have in mind?

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