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Uberheroes Kindness Awards

One thing that is really important and that we really want to celebrate as we all endure another lockdown is acts of Kindness.  You’ve heard it said, I’m sure, that a smile can really brighten up someone’s day, and when things are going badly and there is so much disappointing, scary and depressing things going on a kind act, a helping hand can really help someone and should be celebrated.

So, we are launching the Uberheroes® Kindness awards. Watch out for more info, but expect great stories, with fantastic awards and prizes all sponsored by some very positive and imaginative business people.

Who do you know who has done something incredibly kind to benefit someone else and really cheered someone up, or who do you know who has put others first  and gone the extra mile to encourage, support and help others.  Maybe it’s a brother, sister, friend or classmate who has really impressed you and you believe their story needs to be shared and they deserve to be awarded.

Parents, maybe your child has done something that has warmed your heart as their act of kindness has really made a difference for someone else. Share their story, tell us what they did and how it helped make a difference to someone.

Let’s hear their stories and a judging panel will decide on the winners from various categories and they will receive an Uberheroes Kindness Award.

To enter your idea,  send it to by midnight on Friday 12th February.



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