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Have Your Say

Parents we’d love to hear from you!

We want to give you the opportunity to have your say…


As parents we totally understand the challenge of home schooling, we all have been able to draw on our experiences of last year, maybe some of you were given advice or tips from family or friends on how to set out the day to get the best outcomes for both you and your children. Or maybe you learnt like most of the rest of us through trial and error what worked and what bombed!


We would love for you to share your story, tell us what you did and how it helped make a difference so that we can take the top tips and advice you give and publish this for other Mums & Dads to use during the next few weeks while the kids are home from school…


We will have spot prizes for the qwerkiest ideas as well as for those simple but genius tips, or just LOL moments that will cheer us all up! Nothing beats our own experiences so help us to help lots of parents out there who are frustrated with another round of juggling home schooling with our work, family life, extended family responsibilities, pets etc!


So go on leave your comments, tips, ideas or suggestions here so that we can collate these and share with others. One tip for us all to remember is that we’re not teachers and to cut ourselves some slack as all we can hope to do is our best…

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