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Ubermail Letters

What is Ubermail?

In the “Uberchat” section of our website you’ll see the option to “ask an Uberhero a question” this is where our heroes offer specific advice on lots of topics and subjects.

However we appreciate that not everyone wants to ask an Uberhero a direct question as you may just want to share what you’re thinking or feeling or you may want to share something good that’s happened to you and you can through “Ubermail”.

We’re here to help and support you through Ubermail; this offers you another way to contact our Uberheroes through sending a letter to them.

We will answer your letters via email, however we also thought that it would be a great idea to share the Ubermail questions and replies as this could be helpful for other young people, especially if they’re feeling the same way or are going through similar struggles, issues or breakthroughs.
One thing is for sure; all personal details are changed to ensure that every letter remains anonymous.

Coming soon…

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