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The Puppeteer

The Puppeteer


He has a trio of puppets who do his bidding they stand for – SILENCE, GUILT AND SHAME, the puppeteer represents bullying in all forms and physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse. Silence ensures that his victims feel that no one will understand or believe them, that they’re under his complete control, he makes them comply by sewing up their mouths with invisible thread to cease them from speaking out or telling others the truth about the abuse. Shame – he makes his victims feel shameful, by creating the belief that they willingly took part in the abuse, he creates the feeling that their actions encouraged the abuse and that they were willing participants in the act. Guilt – he uses guilt-ridden feelings to control his victims, by shifting the blame and responsibility onto those who have been abused. The Puppeteer has the ability to control his victim’s speech by working their mouths, and working their actions like a ventriloquist works puppet.

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