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Mrs Gemma Kelly, Head of Art at Oakgrove College remarked after a return visit by the Uberheroes® facilitators visited the school.

In December 2016, a group of our students participated in a workshop facilitated by staff of Hope 4 Life. The students enjoyed the opportunity to share their experiences and contribute ideas for a comic called ‘Uberheroes®’. The focus of discussion was the problem of cyberbullying. Next students brainstormed how they might illustrate their ideas in comic book style.

At the second workshop (June 2017) students were able to see the finished product-Vol 1. Genesis. The Uberheroes® comic incorporated real life stories communicated in a visually imaginative way. This is very useful up-to-date resource that can be utilized by teachers, parents and students. The stories help students to realise that there are other young people who may be suffering similar problems to themselves.
Teachers can use the comic book to initiate lessons which will focus on “how to cope with problems associated with the internet” for example, self-harming, and other kinds of bullying. ‘Uberheroes®’ is a visually exciting comic book with illustrations that will appeal to young people. Students thoroughly enjoyed a stimulating workshop which gave them a platform to voice their concerns.

Students at Oakgrove are looking forward to further publications of ‘Uberheroes®’ and an exciting new drama production will be presented in the school next term. Hope 4Life NI is doing tremendous work by supplying invaluable resources for issues that need addressed continually in schools.

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