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Paddy Joe McComiskey – Primary Seven Teacher at Kilbroney Integrated Primary School, Rostrevor remarked after the Uberheroes® facilitators visited the school

In January 2018 my primary seven class participated in an Uberheroes programme that focused on themes such as self-harm, cyber bullying and death of close family members. These topics are very rarely discussed (if at all) within the primary classroom as they can closely relate to some of the pupils and prove to be contentious for teachers to discuss. However, the Uberheroes programme was delivered in a safe, creative and relatable way for the primary seven pupils to discuss these issues as most of the class were attracted to the stylish and modern look of the comic books.

After discussing what each of the superheroes represented on the front cover of the comic book the class read through the story and split into focus groups to draw from the various themes that arose. The focus groups were extremely beneficial as pupils were able to contribute what they already knew surrounding the topics and this allowed the facilitators to implement knowledge and information on why these issues may occur in people’s lives. From these focus groups the facilitators were also able to inform the children of the appropriate channels to go through if they ever come across or experience any such topics and issues. This was the main learning point of the lesson as pupils were able to look at proactive steps they could take to deal with these serious issues.

After the session concluded it was evident from the feedback given from the pupils that they had learned a lot more about mental health and cyber bullying than before the session had occurred. The facilitators were extremely helpful and great and delivering the lesson at the appropriate level as the children loved listening to what they had to say. I am looking forward to the second session as the kids have had a lot more time to think about contentious issues that happen outside of school. A huge thank you for the facilitators taking the time and effort to come in and deliver such an effective and worthwhile programme.

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