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All Children’s Integrated Primary School

All Children’s Integrated Primary School

Mr Martin Houlahan, P7 teacher and Vice-Principal at All Children’s Integrated Primary School, Newcastle, remarked about their involvement with the Uberheroes Programme

In November 2017 we were delighted to welcome the Uberheroes Facilitation Team to our school.

The introduction captivated the children and the wide variety of characters totally engaged the children for the duration of the workshops.

The topics covered were extremely challenging to P7 children, the discussions around topics such as cyber bullying, drugs and self-harm were taken seriously and with a degree of honesty in a safe and controlled environment.

Children don’t normally get the opportunity to engage in discussions such as these difficult mental health issues, however, the way the facilitators delivered the programme was excellent from the point of having difficult conversations in a safe environment.

The Uberheroes message was so strong that P7 felt so strongly that they portrayed the main characters on a display board with an explanation of the work that they were doing as a class.

The class are eagerly awaiting the next instalment of the artistic comic and hoping that some of their suggestions for storylines have been included.
One child from my class summed it up beautifully…. “Uberheroes turns difficult stories into comic situations to help get life messages across to us” Conleth

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